Based on the Wirral Peninsula, are Holistic Angels® Co-Founders, Joanne & Alyssa. Their unique range of holistic inspired lifestyle services are designed with your personal and spiritual growth in mind.

Their professional backgrounds include; published authors, personal development facilitators and life coaches. They have a wide range of professional experience in many holistic modalities, such as; meditation, guided visualisation, aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki, life coaching and other spiritual teaching practices.

About Holistic Angels®

Holistic Angels was borne through our vision and commitment to design a business that would support your all round ‘holistic’ wellbeing.

It’s our holistic approach and the synergistic blend of creative coaching and wellness programmes we have designed, that really allows you to explore your uniqueness. We believe that you can achieve so much and we’re passionate about helping you to do so. Inspiring you to step fully into your power is our greatest wish.

Our message is simple;

We want you to flourish and thrive in all aspects of your life. Our unique holistic approach nurtures you; mind, body, heart and soul. Empowering and enabling you to achieve your goals and dreams.

mumnewwebAbout Joanne

Like a lot of women, I’ve met, I’ve also had many labels; mother, wife, daughter, sister etc., but we are all much more than our labels! For many years, my labels defined me in the eyes of others; single parent, domestic abuse survivor/victim (depending whom I spoke to) tenant, student, employee, but I’ll stop there as the list goes on! 

I’ve spent many years of my own personal growth peeling away the layers of labels and finally arriving to the core of who I am. I’ve been very blessed to work with amazing mentors during both my personal and professional training.

Professional Life

My background has had two distinct paths for the last 30 years. One path has been my passion of discovering more about our innate mind, body and spiritual connection. Seeking out truths about the human experience, through studying our transpersonal understanding of life. This has brought me a deep inner awareness of the hidden potential of people, as explored through a spiritual dimension.

The other route has provided me with much varied experience within the arenas of the health and social care fields, this has included both paid and voluntary roles within: -

  • Adult and Children’s Social Services
  • Community Mental Health Teams
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
  • Domestic Violence Outreach Programmes
  • Women’s Refuge Services
  • Marie Curie Cancer Care Specialists
  • Independent Advocacy Services

My professional studies include:

  • BA (Hons) Degree in Social Work
  • Life Coaching
  • Business Studies
  • Aromatherapy
  • Advanced Reflexology
  • Holistic Therapies 
  • Counselling Studies
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Spiritual Teaching
  • Angelic Life Coaching

Personal Life

Following a series of personal tragedies and bereavements, I underwent what I can only describe as a major ‘soul shift’. What once felt like my vocation no longer resonated with me. I left my role as a social worker, because there was no other option for me but, to follow my soul path. Myself and my daughter set about making our vision of Holistic Angels® a reality.

The shift in my perceptions of what was now important to me, was of such significance that I felt compelled and committed to making it happen.

So, with nothing more than the strength of our convictions and a self- belief that we could create a business concept, that could help others do what we had done i.e. helping you to live in alignment with your soul purpose, we set up our business.

This moved us way beyond our fears and the levels of our comfort zone and catapulted us into a completely new direction! We’re so pleased that we followed our; intuition, inner knowing, gut instinct or however you would call this huge nudge from the Universe. Since we set up Holistic Angels® five years ago, we’ve had amazing opportunities to work with wonderful individuals and groups and for that we feel truly grateful and blessed.

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menewwebAbout Alyssa

Speaker, holistic life coach & mentor Alyssa is passionate about inspiring you to achieve your personal goals and dreams. Alyssa works holistically, empowering you to develop the self-belief and confidence to excel at whatever your dream is.

Alyssa will show you how to build upon the strengths that you already have. In her uplifting and creative approaches, she works with individuals and groups, facilitating their personal development journey.

Professional Background

I started my career in personal development, delivering workshops to schools and community groups. I designed these to help staff, groups, and individuals to develop key skills in confidence building and team work.

I’ve also worked within a university setting as a student graduate advocate. Here my role included designing and delivering presentations and workshops to students across many major cities within the UK. I’ve collaborated with partner schools and educational settings to help students to develop their interview skills and to learn more about ‘Life after School’.

These experiences showed me that I had a natural affinity of working with both large and small groups of people. It was through this that that I discovered my passion for helping people. Bringing these skills and experiences together within my own business has been a huge joy and privilege. To now be in the position of enabling you to reach for your dreams and move beyond your fears is more than rewarding for me.

Our integrated approach is brought to all areas of our personal and professional life. We are committed to your holistic wellbeing and personal and spiritual growth, it’s what connects us to the work we do with you. I continue my own development journey and I’m constantly bringing the new skills and knowledge I’ve learnt to the work I do.

My professional studies include: -

  • 1st Class BA (Hons) Degree
  • Life Coach
  • Motivational Speaker (IAP Career College)
  • Certified Spiritual Teacher
  • Certified Angel Card Reader
  • Certified Realm Reader
  • Angelic Life Coach

I’ve had the great privilege of training in person with and of also working with my amazing mentors. They are also some of the most influential and motivational thought leaders in the fields of personal development and spiritual growth, including; Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine, and Charles Virtue.

‘Working with such amazing mentors has been of great value to me, as it has also allowed me to develop my skills and knowledge base further. Sharing a stage with the teachers who I admire, has encouraged me even more. It has given me a greater insight into how I can help you on your journey’

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We hold memberships with the following internationally recognised bodies; The Complementary Therapy Association, International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, The Reiki Association and the Federation of Holistic Therapists.



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